Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Season of Shadows

“This is our world now, whether you accept it or not. In some ways, we are pawns to greater powers. Expendable to a greater game."
"I'm not a pawn."
"You are if you don't wake up and do something.” 

I love Paul McCuskers' style- he never fails to confuse me and keep me guessing at his intricate plots! I would have to say that I enjoyed the TSI series a lot better than Season of Shadows.
This was good, very intriguing and had a very well-thought-through plot. However I felt by the end that it was more of a suspense/soap-opera, with the heroine constantly trying to figure out which guys it's safe to be friends with and which ones to avoid. The whole thing with Stewert got a little old too- why is it a trend that suspense fiction authors all have a divorced couple, or a deceased spouse (who had been unfaithful before)? 
Anyways- the ending was incredible! I had no idea what was going to happen- and I found out things about characters from all throughout the book that I hadn't even wondered at! Very well played. 
Also, my favorite British character had to die - AND end up having been a bad guy. :P I had kind of been expecting that one, but it was still a disappointment. 
I liked having the story set during the German and English war- the bombings gave it that constant vibe of suspense. 

As a side note, I love the cover. :)
I would recommend this to Christian suspense lovers; like I said, it was REALLY well thought up, fast paced, and had an thrillingly unexpected ending.

Now I'm off to read another regency- where the British guy won't die. ;)


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