Saturday, October 19, 2013

Her Good Name

My mom and I both read this book this month, and the first word we both used to describe it was "frustrating". The synopsis kind of hints that it will be from the start, though, so I was expecting it. I can't stand when people are unjustly accused in stories, because it always seems the accusers absolutely REFUSE to see reason, or to listen. But I suppose the author WANTS us to get frustrated, so she did a good job. ;) 

I felt like it took awhile for the plot (well, the plot referred to on the back cover) to actually begin, and yet the whole time things were happening and it flowed really nicely into the deeper stuff. 

Christine drove me absolutely insane. O_o She was so conniving and possessive! But, again, that's what the author was going for, so congratulations on a job well done, Miss Axtell! ;)
Dexter, Will, and Annalise, however, were really great minor characters! (Somehow I got the feeling we weren't necessarily supposed to like Dexter that well, but I found him amusing and lighthearted, so I include him in my "characters of note". ^_^) 

I loved the sister relationship between Espy and Angela- it reminded me of my sister and I. ;)

I had mixed feelings about Warren; at first I didn't like him much at all, then he was ok but I still didn't like him for the heroine; but by the end (naturally ;)) it was hard to imagine how either of them could ever have ended up with someone else. ^_^

Possessing an intricate plot, a very satisfactory ending, and some great spiritual themes (specifically towards the end), this story is a nice, quick read that anyone who favors Christian romance will enjoy. 

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.*


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