Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Dead Bore

Wow, I hadn't read a mystery in a while; and I had *really* not read a mystery in a while where I wasn't able to figure the answer(s) out before the hero did! I was racking my brain the whole time trying to remember something- ANYthing - determined to figure it out first! But, I was no match for the minds of Pickett and Lady Fieldhurst! I enjoyed the parts where they worked together- their wit and banter was fun to read. "A Dead Bore" had a very satisfactory ending!

I did feel somewhat as if I had been dropped into the middle of something, with all the references to book 1- but that was my fault, for not reading book 1 first. ;) I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

The story had a quick and lighthearted feel and the plot never dragged or got depressing (despite the death of the vicar). 

I will still always be partial to "The Weaver Takes a Wife" when it comes to Sheri's work- but having another series still to read with the same clever style and Georgette Heyer feel as ever made it still just as charming and delightfully regenc"y". :D



  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new Regency author. When I read "Georgette Heyer" my ears perked up. I'll read any author who can be compared to her. It looks like my local library has 3 of Sheri Cobb South's books so I'll try one.

    1. I'm really glad you read this then, because if you love regency fiction and Georgette Heyer you will LOVE Sheri's books! I especially hope your library has The Weaver Takes a Wife- that's my favorite of hers (SO FAR! :D), but I know that you'll like any/and-all of them. :)
      Thanks for the comment!