Friday, October 4, 2013

Awakened: Feelings Follow Actions

In today’s culture young girls are besieged with distorted views of love from movie theaters, laptops and even Christian bookstores. We are easily awakened to impassioned desires during the most potentially fruitful years of our lives.
Is it normal to be mentally engulfed in a saga of boys, crushes, and romantic daydreams that are presented as being inseparable from young adulthood? How do we handle infatuations, and God-given longings for marriage?
The world beckons us to follow our hearts; God commands us to guard them, but how?
Awakened follows the joy seen by generations of women who are disciplining their hearts and minds and the steadfast men who lead and encourage them to enjoy the intimacy Christ wishes for every young lady.
Please keep this film (and all those involved) in your prayers, as the release date is coming up soon! I know the Lord is going to use it mightily in the lives of today's generation of young ladies, and that it will be a challenge to all of us to live our lives for Jesus despite the darkness all around us!
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Let God be magnified!

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