Saturday, October 5, 2013

Widow of Gettysburg

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!"

This book was incredible!!! I REALLY liked this one, even more than "Wedded to War". I felt like the characters had a bit more depth, and the whole situation with Liberty's farm being converted into a hospital and her having to learn different skills as she did them was really captivating (rather than Charlotte having gone through training and knowing everything already- although I thoroughly enjoyed her story too).

I loved how Charlotte Waverly was tied into the story just a bit - enough to connect the stories and the dates in your mind, but not enough for Charlotte to start taking over as heroine. ;)
Liberty was really great! I loved how she was able to find joy in sorrow and pull through tough times, by God's grace. The different scripture references were all really encouraging and I found myself looking at different Bible verses in new ways, and understanding them better.

Silas was a nice hero; I don't usually like stories where the hero is all depressed about his past and feels like he's so worthless, etc. But Jocelyn was able to get Silas' character and past struggles through in a way that wasn't pitiful or repetitive. 
There were a few paragraphs of his where he was talking about selfless love versus selfish love- and it was really neat! I loved how it was explained.

I really liked Dr. Stephens character! He was just as encouraging to me as to all the soldiers he treated!

Ok - *minor spoiler* - I haven't really ever read a book where a character was mentally crazy... Mrs. Green got Myrtle's condition across really well! haha 

Bella and Amelia both had really unique and intricate characters and I really enjoyed how both of their stories ended! 

Overall this was a very enjoyable and and unique story, however it IS a war story so there is sadness. ;)

(Note: there was one scene where the doctor has Liberty hold the lantern for him while he does an amputation- though it wasn't even really gory, hearing about it may make some uncomfortable, I don't know. ;))

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.*


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