Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brighton Honeymoon

This was really good! I love everything I read by Sheri Cobb South! :D So clean, hilarious and lighthearted! 
I was laughing from start to finish! I loved the whole story line and set-up! Polly was such a sweet heroine, and Lord Tabor was awesome! :) 
I was so glad that even the the plot revolved mainly around Polly, Ethan Brundy and Lady Helen were still primary characters, and still as delightful as they were last time we read of them. :)
As far as secondary characters go, I really liked Lady Tabor and her comedic rudeness. ;) Evers (the butler) was incredible! He was honestly one of my favorite characters- and he was hardly in it! Lord Sutcliffe was fun too, though I never really got attached to him anyways, I was glad he wasn't heartbroken in the end. ;) 
It took me a day to read this, and I almost wish I would have drawn it out a bit longer over the weekend so as to enjoy it longer! But, thankfully, I have two others by the same author on my shelf waiting to be read. :)


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