Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Grand Sophy

This is my new favorite regency at the moment, and definitely my new favorite Heyer! The story was so hilarious and witty, and some of the situations/conversations made me laugh out loud (my sister is witness). 

Sophy was my kind of heroine! I really loved her banter back and forth through the whole thing with Charles- who made a great hero.
Cecelia was so darling! I loved the outcome of her part of the story. :) Augustus Fawnhope (the despairing poet) made me laugh so hard! He made for great comedy relief- even though the whole thing was comedic. ;) Charlbury was one of my favorite secondary characters! He was so sweet and such a gentleman! **SPOILER** He and Cecelia were totally perfect for each other. :) 
I also really liked the younger brother, Hubert, and his transformation and respect for Charles (and Charles' transformation towards Hubert, too). I wish it would have brought him back into the story at the end. One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Sophy talks with Huberts' "enemy". >:)
Miss Wraxton reminded me of Lucy Steele: "innocently ignorant" when you first meet her, but her true character and malicious, conniving intentions coming to light as the story progressed. She REALLY annoyed me. (But I liked that Sophy never let Wraxtons' snubs and obvious dislike get to her.^_^) 
The ducklings at the end (especially with Charles), and Bromfords' "mustard foot-bath" made me lose my breath laughing! (Again, my sister is witness. ;))
Charles was great, like I said. I liked how he was able admit when he was wrong, but also that he was never made to look like "the stupid male", while Sophy remained "the perfect female". :P They were both good at admitting their wrongs- though their many arguments/discussions made for some great scenes and lots of laughs. Especially the back-and-forth on pistols. ;) 
I always find it interesting in each of the Heyers' how the heroine and hero usually have the SAME personality, which usually would not make them "suit", but by the end of the book I am thinking, "how could they NOT get together??" 
Anyway, this review is getting long and nonsensical- SO! I hope this gave a good impression for the book, I highly recommend it- it WILL make you laugh! and I plan on reading it again sometime and enjoying it as much as I did the first time. :)
In the words of Captain Brown(Cranford): "I defy you not to roar!" >:)


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  1. Haha! I love the Cranford quote at the end! :)