Thursday, August 29, 2013

Miss Darby's Duenna

I enjoyed this one- all the parts with Harry's disguise were hilarious!- but I think this is my least favorite South. Probably because it made me mad! (haha!) Stories where the two main characters are confused as to the others feelings the whole time really frustrate me, and I couldn't stand Lord Mannerly! (which was the goal, his being the bad guy and all. ;)) 
Also, the ending was a bit quick- I felt like all of a sudden **SPOILER** everyone was accepting Mannerly as a friend and acting like he hadn't ever been the villain of the story, when the transition was never explained... one minute Harry was dueling with him to the death and the next he was giving him his consent to court his sister?!?! The end just moved a bit to fast for me. ;)
My favorite character: Sir Harry. ^_^ I liked that he was so loyal to Olivia the whole time! Also- Lady Hawthorne! (the *actual* Lady Hawthorne ;)) She was awesome!! and as usual I really liked the valet, Higgins. He was pretty funny, especially as "Lady Hawthornes'" "ladies maid". ;P
I'm glad I read the book, and I did enjoy reading it- I love Sheri's  writing style and I never seem to be able to put her books down- but I very much prefer Paupers and Peers, and the Ethan Brundy series. :)
Now to make a pot of tea and spend the rest of the day on "French Leave". ;)


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