Friday, August 30, 2013

French Leave


This story was really cute! :) 

I'm really glad that Lord Waverly was given a chance to redeem himself in this book! And he did a good job of it. The part at the end when he's telling Lisette that she challenged him to put the welfare of others before his self was really sweet! 
Lisette reminded me of Catherine Moorland, from Northanger Abbey! :D She was so adorable and she made me smile a lot. :)
As in Brighton Honeymoon, I really liked that the Brundy's were still a major part of the story! :D I enjoyed watching them work through their problems and have a closer relationship because of it. (It was a good example that misunderstandings should be a means of working together and growing stronger, not a reason to give up!) 
William Brundy was so adorable! (The reference to book one at the end was brilliant! =D)
It's not a surprise by now that one of my favorite characters was one who was barely in the story at all- the innkeeper at the waterfront inn towards the end of the story! :) (It's a mystery to me why I get so attached to the most random of characters!)
The Weaver Takes a Wife will always be my favorite in this series, but I thoroughly enjoyed each book for it's own unique qualities and characters, and will continue to look back through these books in the future for some great laughs!


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