Wednesday, August 21, 2013



I enjoyed this Christian suspense a lot! It was action packed, fast paced and clean! I got through it pretty fast, considering it's pretty big. ;) I think the last half was what really grabbed me, cause things started to take shape- but that's how it always is, right. ;) 
I felt like I was right there with the investigators- I COULD NOT figure out who "it" was!!!! And every time I thought I had it I'd realize it couldn't be...until I realized....maybe it could? :D
I've never really been one for heroes going through a depression, so the main guy annoyed me slightly and I kept finding myself gripping the binding and hissing "Man UP, and get OVER it, Matt!" at the pages, but it wasn't TOO bad and it really did add to the story and make it more touching. ;) 
The girl in the story wasn't my favorite heroine, (she somehow got on my nerves but I honestly don't know why) but she was pretty cool and I liked how she was willing to just be a friend to and encourage Matt- especially since she had her own bits of depression to deal with. 
In all, I really enjoyed it! The Lazarus Trap is still my favorite Bunn so far, but Imposter was a thrilling and suspenseful experience nonetheless, and I will not regret 
having read it! :) 


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